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Universal LitNum Assessment (ULA) and distribution of papers:

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Universal LitNum Assessment (ULA) and distribution of papers:


ULA has 2 parts 1. Test in 249 schools 2. ULA in all schools 1. Test in 249 schools: This test will be conducted jointly by MEAs and AEOs on December 14.Respective MEAs and AEOs have been trained by DFCs on conduct of the test.PCTB has printed the test papers, which have been dispatched to DMO offices by the PMIU through Leopard courier service. Each carton contains several envelopes (equal to number of schools tested in the district). And each envelope is sealed and contains 35 test papers.MEAs who are assigned to take test, must get any of the envelope 1 day before the test (December 13) and take the envelope to the school where test is to be conducted on December 14. After the test MEAs should bring back the attempted papers to DMO office.After the test DFCs will coordinate with the DMO office and the papers will be submitted to CEO office for marking



.2. ULA in all schools:This ULA will be conducted in all the schools in December 15.PCTB has printed a limited quantity of papers and sent to DMO office in boxes. The papers are not packed in envelopes and are sent through local transport service. DMO offices will receive these papers by Tuesday December 12.DMO offices are required to deliver these papers to the CEO offices.These papers will be shared by CEO offices to only those schools which have no NSb fund to print the test papers. Soft copy of the test paper has already been shared with the schools




MEAs will monitor the conduct of ULA in all the schools in December and January. DFCs have already briefed MEAs about this activity. — M. Majid Iqbal | Deputy Director (Monitoring & Evaluation) | Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit | School Education Department | Government of the Punjab | 8-A, Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan | Phone: 042 9923 2289 |



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