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Solved MCQS For Preparation of Headmaster in PPSC

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Solved MCQS For Preparation of Headmaster in PPSC

(1) The finanacial planning accounting is called —————————– Budgeting
(2)forward look or broad look means —————————————– Supervision
(3) Teacher state and perform in way that is called ———————demonstration method
(4) Motivation which is done for own sake —————————— intrinsic Motivation
(5) john dewey thoughts reflect in ——————————–learner centered curriculum
(6)curriculum expert——————————– is not curriculum practitioner.
(7) Dar ul uloom deoband is islamic and non governmental
(8) supervision is for improvement of learning
(9)Ministry of education give final approval of curriculum \
(8. England inspection concept started
9. Determining good or bad of something is called axiology
10. head treat strictly in———————————- theory x
11. profession is ——————————————-job
12. shah wali ullah philosophybased on ————————— (realism)
13. individual living in societyis called ——————————– (existentialism)
14. Effective leadership is due to traits,and behaviour of leader is called ———trait theory
15. The method Which make educational psychology a science ——————-(experimental)
16. Education objectives derived from————————————————– ( society)

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